GameSpot 9.4 - Editors' Choice

"… one of the best strategy games I've wrapped my brain (and trigger finger) around in a long, long time." Click here for the full review.

Computer Gaming World - June 1998 5 Stars - CG Choice

"The action is simply great… but it's the strategy that sets Battlezone apart."

"A fantastic gaming experience."

"A unique and compelling game."

PC Gamer - June 1998 93% - Editor's Choice

"One of the most addictive games we've seen in a long time."

"The most addictive, ingenious, and approachable game to appear in a long while."

"Some of the most intense multi-player action you'll find… it's fast, furious, and incredible amounts of fun."

"With its gorgeous graphics (even better with hardware accleration), excellent single-player missions, raucous multi-player action, flawless presentation, and effortless interface, it's hard to find much to complain about in Battlezone."

Computer Games Strategy Plus - June 1998 4.5 Stars - Stamp of Approval

"Battlezone is the best game Activision has made since the original MechWarrior 2, delivering one of the slickest virtual battlefields seen to date."

"An innovative and exceptionally well-designed and executed game."

"The game is surprisingly simple to play."

"The game's multiplayer aspects… are bound to be the game's biggest draw."

"The 'strategy' game is one of the most interesting and entertaining multiplayer experiences available… it's a mix of Total Annihilation and MechWarrior 2 and… is thoroughly engaging."

PC Games - June 1998 'A' Rating - 'A' List

"A superb blend of strategy and action."

"…exquisite hybrid of strategy and 3D action."

"Battlezone is wholly involving and almost unremittingly delightful."

"This action-oriented (but not action-dominated) strategy adventure is the most persuasive argument yet for moving real-time into 3D."

"Battlezone's just a great old time."