"Let them have their ticker tape parades, their 'space races,' and their commemorative packets of dehydrated ice cream. While Von Braun takes credit for his Redstone bottle rockets, I am finalizing plans for an inter-planetary fleet that could plant an American flag on every rock and pebble in this solar system by the end of the next decade. I will be watching the sunrise on the Olympus Mons long before NASA takes their first steps on the moon."

-Dr. Wilhelm Arkin's response to the offer of a position at NASA

The Space Race was a lie. In the late 1950's, a meteor shower pummeled the Bering Straits. In the debris, American and Soviet scientists simultaneously discovered an off-world bio-metal that they could fabricate into amazing vehicles and weapons. They quickly gathered up and depleted all of the material that had fallen to Earth, and both sides were left wanting more.

This began the REAL Space Race... The one too brutal to televise. They launched their space programs in their efforts to find additional bio-metal deposits, and it was the military imperative that made the space race so intense -- not Kennedy's "for the greater good of man." Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon was actually the biggest cover-up in American history. Nobody knew that we'd built a full moon base just a few feet away. In fact, it was General Collins, commander of the American moon base at Eagle's Nest One, who took the original picture of Neil stepping onto the moon. It's amazing that nobody ever asked who took that picture. The NSA thought they'd made a real mistake when they released it.

Now you are in command! Lead your troops across the galaxy on a mission to control the alien technology before the Soviets do. Only one super-power can survive in the Battlezone.